Recently formed company, founded in 2011, Netpoints developed and manages a points program for retail companies.


According to its strategy, Netpoints needs to rely on marketing and analytical intelligence tools, not only to take care of its business, but also to directly support its customers’ businesses.


In both cases, company uses the Tableau solution, provided by QADS, to provide managers with online reports and practical to consult. The decision to use Tableau came after comparative tests with the software used previously.


Internally, the management reports and graphs generated by the Tableau software enable Netpoints to analyze its performance indicators, with information such as the timing and speed of the points exchanges made by consumers of their retail customers.

Such analyzes make it possible to assign goals for commercial management and increase competitiveness. Based on the reports, Netpoints makes a series of analyzes of the movement of the stores, based on the points generated by the purchases. It is possible, for example, to segment consumer profiles by type of product and value, in addition to mapping the number of new and old ones at each point of sale and each day. In the same way as internally, the reports provided to customers, with daily indicators, allow to gain insights and immediately guide a new strategy, in case the current one is not working.