Via Varejo S.A. is the company responsible for the management of two major Brazilian retailers, Casas Bahia and Pontofrio.


Via Varejo, the organization that manages the operations of Casas Bahia and Pontofrio, daily deals with hundreds of transactional information and its great challenge was to transform it into managerial information that would enable decision-making in an agile manner.


To meet its needs, the company started using Tableau, supplied by QADS, in late 2014. The option for Tableau was preceded by benchmarks within the group and also in the market. Then, IT selected some business areas and introduced the software to them, starting the implementation. The pilot project started with the Strategic Planning department and quickly Tableau started to be used in the departments of Logistics Engineering, Operation and Distribution Centers, Supply Chain, Distribution and Supply, Sale of Services and Bartira Furniture Factory.


Tableau transfers the agility to create dashboards to the business areas. Its rapid dissemination within Via Varejo was due to the immediate results, therefore, the business areas themselves began to ask for the software when they realized what it was capable of doing.

In addition to offering great ease of use, Tableau provides instant answers - at the exact moment when questions are asked - making it possible to do various types of segmentation, for example, by product categories and geographic location. It is a self-BI and, therefore, it passes to the business user the ability to create the visions they want, the way they need, from their experiences and knowledge. Thus, it is possible to make decisions even during meetings, from the change of scenarios and views.