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How to innovate in large companies

Alessandro Milagres

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10 de September de 2021

Intrapreneurs are valuable to organizations because they can innovate and disrupt the status quo.

There was once a young man who, in 2002, after living outside of Brazil for a few years, realized that, after returning to the country, the giant multinational company he was working on did not make him happy. For him, there was the feeling that he was being caged in a plastered structure. That same year, the young man received a proposal for an incredible challenge in a small company in Bahia to set up a branch in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais – Brazil, and, somehow, with great freedom to do what he believed in. He didn't know what it was, but today, he is able to identify that this experience was based on intrapreneurship


What is an Intrapreneur?

Intrapreneurs are essentially entrepreneurs who operate within existing organizations. They apply the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovate in the companies they work for, rather than starting their own business or venture. An intrapreneur can be an individual who is innovating or trying to bring about  changes within an organization. It can also be an innovative team or new department managed by intrapreneurs who operate as a start-up within a larger organization.



This Entrepreneur Asia Pacific article articulates very well what an 'intrapreneur' looks like and how to identify and feed them in your organization.

It defines intrapreneurs as having the main characteristics below:


·       are thirsty for knowledge

·       aren’t motivated by money

·       adaptable

·       had passionate self-initiation

·       Able to nurture innovative ideas



The success of innovation does not always depend on the quality or how disruptive the process is. Factors such as moment in society, technology and even luck influence success.

Intrapreneurs are valuable to organizations because they can innovate.



Even in a successful organization for which the modus operandi is working well, it is common to predict future risks, generate innovative ideas, propose ways to improve, and they will be prepared to bring your ideas to life.

Companies that know how to support and nurture intrapreneurs can take benefit from their entrepreneurial spirit, ideas and innovations. But not all organizations are created to promote and train intrapreneurs.


Opportunities and challenges for Intrapreneurs / Entrepreneurs

In his article 'How Big Companies Lap Good Ideas', Tim Harford suggests that 'intrapreneurs' or innovative individuals and ideas are often ignored, cancelled or rejected within large organizations due to the company's organizational architecture and cultural policy. Sometimes the fear of big changes is an evolutionary stumbling block, like 'organizationally disruptive innovation'.


Qintess was formed as an innovative start-up and a venture dedicated to bringing different industries together to co-create market-driven solutions. Our challenge is to get more and more innovators and explore their valuable ideas, focusing on creating an ecosystem of “Intrapreneurs”.

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