Speeding up your journey: Analytics Competitor

What is Flywheel?

The term, popularized by the author Jim Collins, describes how driving a strategy in a new direction (focus) is like getting a huge flywheel into motion. Momentum is created based on energy build-up from previous steps, creating high-value impactful solutions.

A common application of this concept happened in the early 90’s when Jeff Bezos used it at Amazon to drive scalable growth and improve customer experience at lower costs.

Read more about “The Flywheel Effect” by Jim Collins

What's Analytics Competitor?

At a time when companies of all sectors offer similar products and services and use comparable technologies, business processes are among the last remaining points of differentiation. Analytics Competitor companies extract every last drop of value from these processes through data and insights.

We strongly believe that, to become an Analytics Competitor, you need to focus on the whole business, not just on specific areas, executing all components in a coordinated way, as part of a comprehensive strategy led from the top and applied to decision-makers at all levels.

Read more about “Competing on Analytics” at Harvard Business Review

How can my business become an Analytics Competitor?

The key is to understand how your organization uses Analytics & Decision Science and how you can improve it to gain a competitive advantage.

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Why adopt Flywheel by Qintess?

Senior Executive buy-in

Engage C-levels and executives who have a passion to strategically guide decision-making through Analytics and AI.

Corporate Approach

Centralize your efforts across the enterprise, or at least in a few hubs, with a clear roadmap to reduce staff and /or redundant technology costs.

Customer-focused Solutions

Adopt Analytics to better serve your customers, measuring and answering questions to improve customer experience.

Foster an Analytics Culture

Coach and work with your employees to drive organizational change by incorporating a data-based decision-making culture with deep knowledge transfer across the business.

+ROI focused on Value Creation

Translate analytical investments into results and business value, adopting our prioritization framework with clear strategic alignment criteria and value / impact assessment.

Data Environment Rationalization

Robust processes for Analytics & AI enable the collection, analysis and sharing of data for improved decision-making.


Rapid delivery of businesses results within 12-18 months


Estimated ROI from Analytics & AI investment


Increase in sales and profit margin improvements with the use of advanced models for: Optimization, Cross & Up-Sell, Pricing, churn prevention, Special Offers Optimization, etc

An all-in-one service approach to get the most value from Analytics & Decision Science initiatives at corporate level.


Our Flywheel Customer Success

Beer Manufacturing

  • 2.5 times daily truck load increase (from 120 to 280 trucks)

  • 2pt increase in delivery NPS

  • Improvement of 96% in the delivery SLA

  • 42% cost reduction through process efficiency


  • Single view of sales process, shares and net adds from 2 hours to 15 minutes

  • Elimination of reporting mismatch between internal teams


  • 360 ° analytical view of customer journeys and behaviors

  • 80% reduction of incidents

  • Anticipation of incidents through predictive analytics

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Allied to ESG best practices, we develop digital capabilities with intelligence and innovative design to support our clients on their journey towards sustainable growth.

Today, Qintess has approximately 3,200 employees and more than 2,000 customers, operating in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the United States, and Europe. Among the main clients, seven of the ten are leading financial institutions globally, eight of the ten largest public utilities companies in Brazil, and two of the three largest telecommunications companies in the country.

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