An acceleration program that will generate new innovative businesses and leverage the growth of your startup in our ecosystem of customers, shareholders and partners

Meet the startups selected in the 2020 Edition

What does Qintess Ignite Startups offer?

Business Partnership

Our goal is to promote a strategic business partnership - without beginning with equity - with your startup, which may be a partnership focused on accelerating commercial distribution, complementing an existing portfolio or creating a new product.

Working Together in our Habitat

Through the duration of the program, we offer startups a highly modern, high tech and collaborative physical space in our new office, located at Rua Bela Cintra, in the city of São Paulo/Brazil and 400 5th Avenue, Floor 4, New York, NY/USA. You will have access to our entire global innovation ecosystem!

Access to Our Crowdsourcing

Through the duration of the program, we will also make our technical talent available monthly for a predetermined number of hours. To date, we have more than 3,000 employees who are willing to contribute to the evolution of your startup’s product.

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching sessions will be promoted for selected startups through a monthly schedule of lectures, talks and mentoring with our teams and executives (who have extensive experience and global vision). Furthermore, startups will also have access to market mentors and monitored coaching.

Financial Investment

We will continually assess the traction of joint business results throughout the program’s duration. Even if the partnership does not start with an equity objective, we will evaluate the possibility of investing financially in your business, as if benefits both parties.

Finance & Marketing Advisory

We will assist your startup in attracting financial investments in our global private equity and venture capital fund ecosystem. We will also support you in your marketing actions.

Learn the requirements to apply

Startups must have achieved at least R$ 500,000.00 in revenue in 2019. It must have already billed customers.
Must not have partnerships with other technology services companies. However, participating in other acceleration processes does not preclude a startup from the opportunity to participate in our process.
Have founders who are extremely dedicated to the acceleration process.
Be able to be in São Paulo during the acceleration period.
Be committed to the schedule of meetings and mentoring with Qintess.
Collaborate in the development of offers of new solutions complementing current offers that address the challenges and/or business problems of our current and future customers.

Startups must provide solutions falling within the themes below:

Digital Finance & Financial Retail

Digital Insurance

Digital Retail & CPG

Digital Government

Digital Human Capital Management

  • Digital Bank Platform or Wallets
  • Monetization of APIs for Open Banking
  • Instant Payment
  • Process Automations (OCRs, AI, etc.)
  • Risk Analysis and Fraud Reduction
  • Loyalties
  • Debt Recovery
  • Omni-Channel Support
  • Digital Marketing and Media Performance to acquire new customers
  • Smart Contracts
  • Intermittent Insurance
  • Peer-to-Peer Insurance
  • IoT e Analytics para Smart Insurance
  • Self-inspection
  • Back-Office Process Automation and Omni-Channel Customer Service
  • Risk Analysis and Fraud Reduction
  • Loyalties
  • Digital Marketing and Media Performance to acquire new customers
  • Solutions to improve the e-commerce and m-commerce experience
  • Digital Marketing and Media Performance to acquire new customers
  • Omni-Channel Support
  • Back-Office Process Automations
  • Logistics Solutions
  • Marketplace solutions integrated via APIs
  • Loyalties for Customer Lifecycle
  • Analytics e IA
  • Digital solutions for sales force
  • Back-Office Process Automation and Omni-Channel Citizen Service
  • Government-To-Citizen (G2C) Smart Transactions
  • API Solutions for Organ Integration for Civic Engagement Platform
  • IoT and Analytics for Smart Cities
  • Public Education Platforms
  • HC & People Analytics
  • R&S, On-Boarding, GED and Employee Engagement, Benefits
  • Performance Evaluation and Monitoring, Point, Sheet, Operations
  • LMS, Courses, Training and Learning

How will it work?

From 07/01/2020 to 07/17/2020



Fill out the registration form to have your Startup evaluated.

From 7/6/2020 to 7/24/2020

Evaluation and interviews


Qintess will interview startups with the greatest synergy through conference calls

From 7/27/2020 to 7/28/2020

Pitch Day


Evaluation of pitches selected by Qintess. (In person or virtually, depending on the situation related to COVID-19)


Disclosure of selected startups


After the results have been released internally, Qintess will communicate with the selected startups and publish the results in the media.

08/03/2020 to 08/03/2021

Program start


Twelve months of acceleration with Qintess, which includes onboarding, go-to-market strategy, account planning, demand generation, shadow commercial, relationship support and KPI monitoring.

Common Questions



What is Qintess Ignite Startups?


What is required for the program? Do you buy equity from Startups? What does this mean for the intellectual property of my solution?


I have an idea that is not yet developed. Can I participate in the selection?


Do I need to be in São Paulo to participate in the program?


Is there an allowance provided for selected startups outside of São Paulo?


Are you going to sign a confidentiality agreement? How do I know my idea will not be stolen?


Can I register as a natural person or do I need a CNPJ [Corporate Taxpayer’s Roll]?


If I do not participate in Pitch Day, can I still participate in the program with my team?


If my Startup is not selected, can I register again for the next edition?


If not selected, will Qintess keep my data in order for me to apply for other opportunities?

About Qintess

Qintess combines experience in strategy, innovation design and technology to become a leader in digital transformation, developing digital resources and enabling IT to support its customers’ journey towards sustainable business growth.

With an obsession with innovation and agility in decision making, Qintess accelerates the delivery of solutions for different business challenges, generating real value for the ecosystem of customers and partners. All of Qintess’ work is in line with ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) practices as well as a genuine concern for our employees and the communities in which we operate.

With approximately 3,500 employees and operations in Brazil and Chile. Qintess’s main customers include seven of the top ten financial institutions in the world, eight of the ten largest utility companies in Brazil, and two of the three largest telecommunications companies in the country.