1 Year of Qintess!

In December 2019 Qintess was born.

In order to foster diversity and inclusion in the technology market, we are made up of people passionate about innovation and committed to our values.

We are a company of technology, innovation and digital solutions, and our main driving force is sustainability. The best ESG practices permeate our business and our decision making.

We know that the path to the perfect scenario is a long one, but at the same time, we had the opportunity to dive deeply into the theme this past year and generate tangible results, which fill us with pride and inspire us to do much more.

Our achievements in the 1st year of Qintess

We are one of the 100 most innovative companies in the country, ranking 2nd in the Digital Industry – IT and TELECOM category and 17th in the overall ranking, being the technology company best positioned among the 100 elected!

We created Qintess Ignite Startups, to accelerate companies, and we brought Founders Factory to Brazil – one of the largest startup accelerators in the world.

We became supporters of Vale do Dendê, promoted our Talent Academy and committed to the training of 2 thousand young people in 5 years.

We have also expanded our operations in the USA, EMEA and Northeast Brazil. We acquired the operations of CSC Brasil – one of the largest independent platforms for Digital Operation, Analytics and Business Intelligence in the country – and increasingly strengthened all of our partnerships.

Investment of R$ 10 million in 5 years to foster entrepreneurship, diversity and social innovation in Brazil

In addition, we have reached the marks of:




Customers served

+3.000 Employees

29% Women

40% of management positions held by women

28% Black (self-declared in the diversity census)

9% LGBTQIA+ (self-declared in the diversity census)

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