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5 valuable tips to build and manage teams in a new era

Henrique Claro

Published at
28 de April de 2020

In this New Economy, people have become increasingly valuable assets when it comes to the strategies of companies wanting to overcome challenges.

In this New Economy, people have become increasingly valuable assets when it comes to the strategies of companies wanting to overcome challenges, achieve outcomes beyond the expected and strengthen their digital transformation journeys.


In this scenario, as team building and management become key, the role of management is vital. This requires transforming and complying with the new demands of a market that is constantly changing in order to be aligned with professional profiles that, today, make the difference in leading companies to a higher level. Management needs to recruit efficiently and assure that it is capable of attracting and retaining new era talents.


I highlight below five relevant tips to keep in mind when building a positive management strategy. These pointers will help build and manage successful teams.



Communication is the base of growth and is part of what motivates all our collaborators. Without open communication, we cannot report our values, DNA, targets and achievements.

It is important to report new agreement closures and successful cases as well as to indicate training, new site openings, hiring needs and commercial campaigns throughout the company. Without this discourse, there is no engagement.

Communication is relevant to establishing transparency, integrating all team members, and fostering collaboration for each unique goal towards growth and positive outcomes.



Our operation division requires qualification for us to continually offer innovative products and services and this qualification needs to be ongoing. It must be triggered by means of training, market event attendance, networking and ongoing interaction with partners and customers.

Today’s technology is essential, however it can become obsolete in an instant. Thus, learning must be broad and ongoing. This is the only way to create a sustainable company, assuring its position in the ranking and powering its evolution.

Qualification improves the skills of our professionals; it ensures a dedicated future search for knowledge that anticipates the actions of the company. A commitment to proactivity is required, which is strongly characteristic of generations Y and Z.



An African proverb, by an unknown author, says the following: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” The transformation era subscribes to this idea with its disruptive work models and agile methodologies. Methodologies which, under a collaborative model, requires multidisciplinary groups formed by professionals of different ages, competences and skills. Thus, it is possible to achieve surprising and innovative outcomes.

Moreover, the integration caused by a collaborative model provides valuable intangible outcomes such as building a harmonious, participative and relaxed work environment in which everyone feels comfortable and ready to contribute. Everybody wins.



Proactivity is closely related to motivation. A proactive person is someone who is motivated. The environment becomes highly productive when the team relies on professionals that take initiative. In general, these people are also creative and are always bringing forward new ideas and sharing knowledge.

Proactivity is present in different ways. For example, a professional offering assistance to a colleague or offering to collaborate on a project. Despite the fact that this may mean dedicating more time and effort, it demonstrates a professional who thinks as a team member, not as an individual.



Passion is not related to qualification. Sometimes, highly qualified people are apathetic in their duties and they are eclipsed by the ones moved by passion. These are the people who grow in their careers and reach unimaginable levels.

Imagine, for instance, a commercial team with no passion for what they do. How would they behave before the customer when offering a technology or a product? Surely, that would not foster any credibility. It would not draw the customer’s attention and it would not motivate them to adopt the proposed solution.

Passion is necessary for everything we do, and it is shown by means of our actions and our dedication. This is the fuel for success.


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This article is about Management

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