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Martech, Brandtech or just Tech? The Total Customer Experience Is The hot topic of the moment.

Thaís Ducatti

Published at
26 de November de 2021

The movement that started strong in large agencies has gained ground in IT "operations," making data scientists and programmers think more about it.

With the growing demand for digital solutions and the promotion of the best customer experience, several companies worldwide started to go into new proposals, entirely out of the box, to promote "unforgettable moments." The union of a brand, experience, and technology concepts started strong in the US in 2015 and has been gaining unimaginable proportions, with Tesla concentrating its entire sales process over the Internet, without a reseller, or Domino's introducing pizza emojis, drones, and ordering without a click, for example.

In Brazil, large agencies have been betting heavily on this movement, renewing their teams, expanding their areas of expertise, and using creativity to promote actions with real gains without a single advertisement. The problem, however, is the lack of technical capacity to deliver an end-to-end solution, capable of being innovative and at the same time promoting a digital experience with an effective return, generating insights for new decision-making, analytical vision with structuring data, integration, treatment, sanitation and application of governance practices. That's where the scenario changes when Technology companies start talking about Marketing.

The movement that started strong in large agencies has gained ground in IT "operations," making data scientists and programmers think more and more about the product's attractiveness, the impact of the action, the user experience, and the financial growth that it can generate. And in the middle of the accelerated race by the pandemic, competition between Marketing and Advertising agencies gained another strong competitor.

Worldwide, technology companies have announced acquisitions of advertising agencies, concentrating their technical expertise and adding their knowledge to the agencies' competence to this universe that is still little explored by them. This movement has brought about a new economic order, with changes in the business and remuneration models of agencies, the reduction of enormous advertising budgets, and the reallocation of investments to new players supported by new technologies; in addition to promoting the increase in Marketing budgets for the acquisition of digital solutions.

Data released by Gartner does not let me lie. According to a recent study, digital businesses represent the dominant trend for the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, with cutting-edge segments such as Cloud Computing and applications for Core Business, Security, and Customer Experience. And by 2024, companies will be forced to accelerate their Digital Transformation plans by at least five years to survive in a post-COVID-19 world, which involves a permanent adoption of remote working and digital touchpoints for customers.

In addition to the impact on the economic model we were used to, the sum of all these factors has also promoted a unique structural review in organizations, making room for the emergence of local, national groups with very high competence and deep technical and business knowledge. The recent announcement of the partnership between the Brazilian company Qintess and GH branding reinforces this thesis. It shows that those who have more agility and competence in end-to-end delivery will do better in this new market.

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