Among what sets Qintess apart is our obsession with innovation and our passion for transformation.

More than a technology, innovation or digital solutions company, Qintess is a people-to-people company that focuses on our customers’ work and on their desire to grow and reinvent themselves.


Our main driving force is sustainability, which is present as a solid strategy that permeates all business areas and all of our decision making. We operate with a deep desire for a more just and equitable society by living out our values through each of our projects. We do this through professional and social inclusion, by protecting the environment and by developing solutions that face today's main challenges head on. We bring this focus to every project in every ecosystem of partners and customers we engage with.

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4 Good

We believe in our values and our people are committed to them.

Qintess believes in a fairer and more equitable society and is always seeking to generate positive impacts for people inside and outside Qintess.

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Habitat Qintess
  • Intrinsic to our values


  • 50% women in leadership positions (this is our goal for 2022 vs. 33% in 2020)
  • Design of the technology components

4 Good

We use our expertise in the service of positive transformations.

Qintess believes in the transformational power of technology to tackle the key challenges our society faces today

  • Ethics and transparency
  • Access to essential services
  • Use of natural resources


  • 50% of new projects with a positive impact commitment (2022)
  • 5% of revenue with direct positive impacts (2022)

4 Good

We collaborate with our ecosystem to innovate and include.

We use our networking in the regions where we operate to develop people and businesses.

  • Professionalization and insertion
  • Open innovation
  • Climate action


  • R$ 10m invested in partnership (until 2025)
  • Carbon neutrality (2022)

To put into practice everything we
believe in, we are committed
to society as follows:

Internal Actions

Women leadership

Gender equality can only become reality if we join forces to help more women to be protagonists in their careers. For this reason, this initiative was created to cause a change in organizational culture, define goals for the presence of female leaders in the company and empower women to dream big.

Célula de Diversidade & Inclusão Célula de Diversidade & Inclusão
Célula de Diversidade & Inclusão

Diversity & Inclusion

We launched a specific team within the company to deal with issues related to diversity and inclusion.



Qintess is a partner of OrienteMe, an online therapy platform, which offers psychological assistance to all employees free of charge, in order to provide greater care for emotional health and well-being.

Voluntary Commitments


We signed a pledge to help combat racism and promote conscious dialogue within this issue.

UN Women

UN Women

Empowering women and promoting gender equity in all social and economic activities are guarantees for the effective strengthening of economies, the boosting of businesses, the improvement of the quality of life for women, men and children, and for sustainable development. For this reason, we have become signatories to the charter of the WEPS, of the UN Women – United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. We commit ourselves to incorporating these initiatives in our business values ​​and practices as we are focused on gender equity and the empowerment of women. We are creating an in-depth discussion about the role of women in the corporate environment.

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LGBTI+ Forum

We adhere to the 10 commitments created by the LGBTI+ Business and Rights Forum, whose objective is to promote human rights and to create a safe environment for all our employees. Being part of the group of companies that are signatories to the Forum's Adhesion Letter means joining efforts to put these commitments into practice internally while also contributing to this theme in the business environment and in society as a whole. We are making a commitment to respect and promote LGBTI+ rights.

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Fórum LGBTI+



Vale do Dendê

Qintess is the sponsor of Vale do Dendê, a social organization based in Salvador, designed to foster ecosystems of innovation and creativity with a focus on diversity.
This partnership enables the expansion of Vale do Dendê initiatives in the areas of Education and Training, Accelerating Startups and fostering the Innovation Ecosystem. At the same time, it allows Qintess to carry out concrete actions related to entrepreneurship, sustainability, diversity and social innovation through resources for training and seed capital for young people of African descent and businesses that work with the theme of diversity.
The choice of Vale do Dendê, as a strategic partner of Qintess in the social field, was due to the organization's great experience in supporting entrepreneurs from the peripheries and for being a reference in fostering social impact businesses. In addition, this partnership also enhances the creation of new innovation hubs in each of the capitals where Qintess is present. All of these, following the example and inspired by the beautiful work that Vale do Dendê has been developing in Salvador.

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ONU Mulheres
TransEmpregos - Onde gente talentosa se encontra


Qintess is a partner of TransEmpregos, the oldest and only employability project for transgender people in Brazil. The objective is to contribute to inclusive culture initiatives and efforts related to the recruitment, retention and promotion of professionals, in addition to promoting equal rights and diversity in the workplace.

Diversidade Étnico-racial

A Qintess se compromete com a diversidade e temos como dever gerar oportunidades para todos, respeitando os direitos e valores de cada pessoa que deseja tornar-se parte de nossa comunidade. Nosso pacto com essa causa foi validado através do Selo da Diversidade Étnico-Racial pela Prefeitura de Salvador, por meio da Secretaria da Reparação. Este selo afirma os nossos valores como empresa, na temática de Diversidade e Inclusão, nos comprometendo a trazer maior diversidade em nossos ambientes.

Selo de Diversidade

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