We enable data-based decision making, with a combination of data science talent and advanced analytics and artificial intelligence tools to support agile and accurate decisions in various industry segments.

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Analytics, AI & Decision Science

We support our customers in utilizing their competitive assets as much as possible, while finding and structuring actual data value to create internal processes and new business models. We encourage this being done with the application of intelligence to reveal hidden patterns and trends and achieve significant, useful and relevant insights to make strategic decisions.

We work within several aspects of the organization, breaking the different silos where data are found and enabling a data-driven culture while implementing solutions from data structuring (Data Lake), integration, treatment and remedy. In addition, we focus on governance practice application (MDM, LGPD, etc.) to enable algorithm developments that foster descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytical models.

Analytics, AI & Decision Science

Algumas Práticas do Analytics, AI & Decision Science:

  • Integrated, handled and remedied data;
  • Data Lake architecture and implementation, focused on customer business;
  • Data Governance Structuring;
  • Statistical algorithms;
  • Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analyses;
  • Dashboards, Analyses and Reports;
  • Data Mining and Data Stream Solutions.

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