Brazilian Stock Exchange

Monetization of data through Digital Transformation

Monetization of data through Digital Transformation


The main challenge of this project was to gain better insights into capital market behavior for its investors. This information needed to be collected from its main customers (financial institutions, such as brokers and funds) so that it was possible to create new financial products that would more accurately meet the needs of this market. ​

This service would allow the consolidation of data from the markets served by the Brazilian Stock Exchange, and from external sources, enabling Subscribing Legal Entity Customers to consult information relevant to their business in an easy, agile and intelligent way.


The allocation of experts in product development was carried out, which allowed the construction and design of a Data Platform: website in which it is possible to view the consolidated data of the exchange market in the form of dashboards, interactive panels, with Ranking content, Trading flow, Geolocation and Statistics​.

In addition, the entire design of the Reports Data Platform was developed: website with analytical reports of trading and post-trading data of over-the-counter assets,​ for integration and consolidation of data from operations of the Exchange with other external sources.


With the Data Platform, the company increased its offer of digital products, as well as its sources of revenue, through data monetization

Through the use of data analysis tools and processes in conjunction with the company, it was possible to identify the most impactful use cases based on the available data.​

The creation of a Data Intelligence and Reporting Platform with stock market information, ensured an overview of the market, with an X-ray per investment, with market comparison market share and regional indicators.


200+ reports available monthly


48+ interactive dashboards for different types of analysis


Increased revenues through data monetization


145+ subscribing Legal Entity customers

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Brazilian Stock Exchange

Monetization of data through Digital Transformation

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