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Accelerating opportunities with automotive retailers

Accelerating opportunities with automotive retailers


Aiming to leverage its portfolio, Banco Pan decided to develop a new credit product for dealerships, taking advantage of the demand created by the decrease in sales of new cars during the pandemic. With this move, the bank would compete with the banks linked to automakers, the main players in this market.

Banco Pan needed to enter the credit business widely explored by automaker banks, being efficient, optimizing the journey, and capturing value from a new channel.


To address this challenge, Banco Pan established an entry pathway into the market that would achieve its mission of offering intelligent and contextualized products designed to meet the needs of customers in a smooth manner. Therefore, a service design was created for an addressable market, and a digital credit platform was built, adhering to the niche with a prototype suitable for business decision-making and providing the correct experience for the customer journey, along with an agile journey orchestration of integrations in development.


What Banco PAN obtained with the solution developed and implemented by Qintess for entry into the retail market for vehicle credit was an expansion of the vehicle credit product to over R$ 15 billion in the portfolio, an evolution of the credit portfolio of 12% in a year, and the 'Vehicles' tag achieved a 44% share in the credit portfolio with relevance to the business. Such a platform managed to reach an incredible mark of 19.1 thousand dealerships with a smooth experience.


Development of the platform


US$ 6.32 billion credit portfolio


+19 thousand dealerships and retailers reached

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