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Digital Transformation for Financial Services

Digital Transformation for Financial Services


In the process of expanding its digital channels for offering financial services, BV Consignment Credit faced a significant potential for growth in two fronts: operational, due to the challenge of scaling a process highly dependent on the bank correspondent; and in customer hiring experience, with the possibility of increasing conversion through a more user-friendly digital journey for product hiring.


The Qintess solution is an initiative aimed at improving business processes and technology, aiming to map objectives and gaps to develop evolution plans. Through the Business Discovery technique, Qintess offers a strategic vision for companies, allowing data analysis and identification of growth opportunities.

In addition, the solution also aims to enable the best experience for simulation and hiring of financial services with Banco BV, allowing customers to have a simpler and more intuitive interaction with the platform.

Qintess also works directly with the client to create a new fully automated digital sales channel, making the process of hiring banking services easier and faster.

Another highlight of the solution is the construction of contracting condition simulation functionalities, which allow customers to compare and choose the best financial service option for their needs.

All of these functionalities are available through Banco BV's website, providing customers with a more dynamic and agile experience in hiring banking services. Qintess' solution represents a significant advancement in the financial market, offering modern and efficient solutions for companies and their customers.


Qintess' solution brought several benefits to Banco BV, including a 44% reduction in hiring time. Previously, customers took an average of 50 minutes to complete a hiring process, but with the implemented solution, this time was reduced to 28 minutes. This time reduction is important for the customer, who no longer needs to spend so much time to complete a hiring process, and also for the bank, which can serve a larger number of customers in the same period of time.

Another significant benefit of the solution was the increase in service availability by more than 365%. Previously, the bank only operated during business hours, which limited customer access to the services offered. With the solution, customers can access services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the digital channel. This increased convenience and ease of access to services for customers, and also allowed the bank to expand its reach and serve customers throughout the country.

The solution also contributed to a 65% reduction in the average time for credit to account, from 3 days to just 1 day. This reduction is important for both the customer, who receives credit in their account more quickly, and the bank, which can release resources more agilely.

Finally, Qintess' solution allowed for an increase in sales and profitability through the Self-Service Channel. This happened due to the reduction in the cost of sales, since process automation reduces operational costs. With this, the bank can offer products and services at more competitive prices, which attracts more customers and increases sales.


Increase in sales and profitability through the Self-Service Channel, due to the reduction in the cost of sales


44% reduction in hiring time, from an average of 50 minutes to 28 minutes


Increase in service availability by more than 365%, moving from business hours restriction to 24/7 digitization


65% reduction in the average time for credit to account, from 3 days to 1 day

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