P2S Optimization - design and technical expertise for Billing Performance

P2S Optimization - design and technical expertise for Billing Performance


In Boticário's growth journey, the company aims to expand its reach in different sales channels while improving its end-to-end experience for franchisees, customers, and internal operators. To achieve this, the company needs to improve its operational efficiency from production to distribution, which will ultimately enhance its billing performance.


In today's business landscape, it is essential for companies to stay on top of the best practices and available technologies to improve their processes and offer an excellent customer experience. Deep diving becomes a crucial tool in this context as it allows mapping the entire customer journey and identifying the best UX/UI processes to enhance the user experience.

Additionally, a thorough analysis of codes and customizations is performed to ensure that everything works optimally. This involves identifying potential issues and implementing effective solutions to correct them.

Functionalities are developed and implemented in SAP, applying performance coding best practices and parallelism to ensure that the system runs efficiently and smoothly. This includes optimizing the code and utilizing resources like parallel programming to improve performance.

Finally, a new usability and interface are designed for system operators to ensure that they can use the platform easily and intuitively. This includes creating new features and functionalities, as well as simplifying the interface to make it more user-friendly.

In summary, performing deep diving, analyzing codes and customizations, and developing SAP functionalities are crucial steps to improve business processes and offer an excellent customer experience. By applying performance coding best practices and designing new interfaces and usability, companies can ensure that their systems are always up-to-date and functioning optimally.


The benefits of process optimization cannot be underestimated, especially in logistics. That is why reducing delivery time by 70% is such a significant achievement. By optimizing the process, the company can now deliver products faster, which not only pleases customers but also reduces operational costs.

Reducing truck processing time is another notable accomplishment, decreasing from 1 hour and 30 minutes to just 25 minutes. This means that more trucks can be processed in less time, leading to an increase in logistics team productivity. Additionally, faster processing time allows for more efficient scheduling of deliveries and pickups, which can improve customer service quality.

Credit processing time in bank accounts was reduced by 65%, which yielded excellent results. Customers no longer have to wait for days for their credit to be processed, leading to increased customer satisfaction. By improving the speed of this process, the company can also take advantage of opportunities that require quick decisions, which can further increase revenue and profitability.

Overall, these improvements have had a positive impact on the company's productivity, service quality, and customer satisfaction. The team can now focus on other important tasks, knowing that logistics operations and credit processing are running smoothly. As a result, the company can continue to grow and remain competitive in the market.


ncreased productivity of the logistics team and improved customer service quality.


Truck processing time reduced from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 25 minutes.


70% reduction in total delivery process time.


Average credit processing time reduced by 65%, from 3 days to 1 day.

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