Infrastructure Security for Financial Services

Infrastructure Security for Financial Services


The financial sector is the one that invests the most in cybersecurity in Brazil, with an average company budget of R$1.8 million per year. Driven during the pandemic, the digital transformation increased the risks of cyberattacks and, as such, the client, the largest technological provider of financial services, brought the need to strengthen its security layers, codes, APIs and the like to ensure its high standard of excellence. 

The challenge is to secure a partner who can enhance their cybersecurity systems, helping to mitigate risks and vulnerabilities.


Qintess' solution consists of applying the Fortify Microfocus tool to the system, identifying, classifying and correcting the vulnerabilities mapped in the scan and making the application observable by inserting visibility of events sent to the log system. An encrypted lock solution will also be implemented to protect sensitive data that travels in the application and solve the security problem in the API that runs on a third-party machine.


Scan Fortify

We performed a SAST and DAST scan on client applications using the Fortify tool.


Action Plan

The technical team defined a strategy to address the vulnerabilities based on the mapped vulnerabilities.



Improvements were made according to the Action Plan.



Together with the client, we present the development for the performance of functional and non-functional tests.


Go Live

Publication and monitoring of the solution in the client's production environment.


Guaranteed confidentiality, integrity and availability of information also on third-party machines


Quick power of action, acting directly on the root cause with the new monitoring


Identification and remediation of 5,473 client vulnerabilities


The adjustments performed made the API monitorable, providing real-time security

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