Digital Transformation for Financial Services.

Digital Transformation for Financial Services.


The company faced transactional advancement in the region, playing the role of market leader. However, the operation's growth would impact its systemic capacity, thereby requiring technological evolution while maintaining uninterrupted operation.


Qintess's solutions aim to optimize and simplify business processes, with a focus on improving financial management and increasing operational efficiency. One of the main steps to achieve this goal is to replace TOTVS's current ERP system with the SAP platform, known for its advanced functionality and comprehensive set of business tools.

By implementing best practices and leveraging the power of the SAP system, Qintess can increase the processing capacity of critical business processes, providing faster response times and more efficient resource allocation. Additionally, improved controls and governance provided by the SAP system allow financial managers to have greater visibility over financial operations, making it easier to monitor spending, identify cost-saving opportunities, and make informed strategic decisions.

Another important aspect of Qintess's solution is the implementation of efficient cost controls for ATM maintenance and supply. This helps ensure that ATM maintenance and repair costs are kept under control while ensuring that supplies and other resources are available when needed. With these solutions in place, companies can improve their profitability, simplify their operations, and stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly complex and fast-paced business environment.


The solution implemented by Qintess, based on the replacement of TOTVS's ERP system with SAP on Hana, brought numerous benefits to the client in question. Among them, the delivery of the project within the planned one-year timeframe, without any impact on the client's day-to-day operations, stands out.

Additionally, the solution also allowed for a reduction in time spent on manual processes, freeing up the team to focus on more strategic tasks that add more value to the business. The integration of SAP on Hana ERP to 29 client systems, serving 20 areas, also made it possible to achieve greater efficiency in the flow of information and better management of business processes.

The sustained high level of client growth was another positive result, as the adopted solution allowed for greater scalability and system flexibility, ensuring the continuity of business growth. As a result, Qintess's project generated significant media coverage, demonstrating the excellence and effectiveness of the developed solution.

Overall, Qintess's solution based on SAP on Hana provided a series of benefits for the client, from reducing manual processes to sustaining high growth levels, to integrating with various systems and areas of the company. All of this without impacting the client's routine, thanks to Qintess's excellent project management.


Sustained high level of growth and increased efficiency, generating significant media coverage.


Integration of SAP on Hana ERP to 29 client systems, serving 20 areas.


Reduction in time spent on manual processes, freeing up the team to focus on strategy.

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