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Environment engagement challenge in constant “Beta Version”

Leticia Valiente

Published at
19 de May de 2020

As the reality of digital transformation is increasingly present in organizations, we are experiencing a decisive moment in people management. The fact that human factor cannot yet be automated is even more evident. The processes of digitalization, agility and improvement foreseen in this digital transformation will cause structural changes in companies as they begin to at faster, oftentimes adopting team organization models that are very different from traditional ones. If we are in an environment that is constantly in its “beta version”, we, as managers, need to adapt quickly to the behavior changes it enables (and that we often foster) in our work teams.

In this setting, more than establishing productivity measurement patterns or performance follow-ups, which are necessary, we must include a “cause” in a specific action as it becomes the major transformation agent.  When recent studies that approach engagement are reviewed, it is obvious that the way we are remunerated has not been the main unchanging factor in organizations for a while.

Writing good stories...

Today, what fosters employee retention and performance are the stories that they are writing in their careers. Everyone wants to tell stories – good stories. We want to have the chance to show who we are and why we stand out. We are always looking for challenges, discoveries and achievements. This is what enables self-fulfillment and a feeling of satisfaction at work. It is when we realize that what we are doing connects with our idea of self that we feel fulfilled.

Our new normal, our new work environments are causing more flexible management styles, in which the leaders work as a compass for their teams, constantly communicating a purpose (“our North”) and enabling each person to find this purpose and to propose the best way to get there.

This engagement is not only related to “what” we do, but also to “how” we do. It is crucial to share responsibilities, to believe that people are equally important and to promote individual skills as a propelling force for more significant factors in any organization. This allows these organizations to operate better, to progress and to retain its talents.

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This article is about Management

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