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Information security: pragmatism and strategy for company innovation

Gilberto Caparica

Published at
01 de July de 2020

Digital transformation provides companies with many development opportunities.

Digital transformation provides companies with many development opportunities. Some experts say that an increase in performance generated by connectivity is one of the main gains, as mobile communication stands out on a daily basis. Others, on the other hand, mention Cloud Computing as the basis for information availability. Regardless of the technology adopted, the fact is that the innovation places data at the core of business development.

Today, regardless of industry and company size, digital data is an essential asset for decision making in every area of a corporation. According to expert consulting, online data regarding web traffic is increasing exponentially, reaching thousands of terabytes per minute – information of this magnitude has the power to change the future of organizations.

It is no surprise that data protection is also a sensitive point for leaders in any market. We have to admit that we had never discussed record prevention and protection at length before. Global surveys highlight cyber security as one of three basic priorities for major Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the future. This is no chance occurrence.

Data is currently the most valuable asset an organization can possess. It is the raw material from which to generate relevant information and inform quick and accurate decisions. This kind of asset cannot be squandered or lost.

This may seem evident however, not all leaders understand that investing in cyber security is a real priority. Many executives still believe that pragmatic thinking with regard to information protection is equivalent to wasting time and neglecting innovation. 

For business success however, it is fundamental to reframe this idea. Ongoing transformation requires a bold posture for leaders. It requires leaders who understand innovation as a differentiation factor, including security strategies. For example, we cannot propose building an innovative structure for a building without thinking of each supporting piece. The same logic is valid when it comes to company consolidation processes in this new digital era.

Investing in cyber security does not mean neglecting thinking within the scope of IT innovations or transformation. Quite the opposite. A mature project, especially during this time, must be capable of including this component in order to extract the value of information as well as more disruptive technologies, which are fed by data.

With this in mind, preventative actions must be applied to connection and network bases, through security in application development, for instance as well as robust security policies. This will offer high reliability and availability so users can leverage technology as a business productivity and transformation tool. In an increasingly mobile world, a variety of companies must be connected – and they cannot work in fear.

Due to the sudden change to remote work, there is a need to protect professionals’ work as they continue to service their customers. Operations rely more heavily on online services with resources based on cloud computing and a digital workplace which increases the risk of cyber-attacks. Companies must be prepared to prevent incidents and ensure that critical business functions operate non-stop. There are billions of actions and resources that need to be monitored and analyzed non-stop within a company’s data network. This demands a new focus on security with solutions that enable decreasing threats and risks.

No company is immune to threats, but leaders can work with focus so that such risks do not stand in the way of the potential this data holds. It is necessary to evolve constantly, building the best conditions so that a business’ digital transformation generates value. Only then can organizations offer true innovation to customers safely and consistently.


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This article is about Technology

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