Increase operations transparency and agility, mitigating possible errors and inconsistencies in the use of digital applications.


The focus of the project was to adapt and improve the functionality of the ERP used by the supply and logistics department of ​​Companhia Paranaense de Energia (Copel), for data extraction and sending information about bids and agreements to the Audit Court of Paraná State. This action involved more than 200 topics, including software update measures, redefinition of settings and specific adjustments to optimize the application's performance.


Execute the SEI-CED project, Qintess used the principles of Agile Methodology, ensuring more constant deliveries and closely collaboration with the client’s team. The demands were divided into blocks and the priority items were worked on first. Altogether, there were four delivery blocks, each with specific updates and improvements.


Among the benefits derived from project is the greater integrity of the information, which reaches the TCE-PR in a more consistent and reliable way, and the elimination of the step of manually checking the documents to be sent. Before the project, Copel had to carry out a manual check of the records, as there could be duplicated or disorganized documents. Now, the entire flow is automated and optimized to bring more intelligence and agility to the process.

For Copel, the improvement of the system brings agility and reduces the risk of possible penalties for errors in the data transfer, in addition to make available human capital for more strategic and important tasks for the daily life of the company.

Another highlight was the anticipation of delivering value to users.