We enable an operational backbone, a set of solutions, automation and process mining, which ensures agile connectivity in the business areas with efficiency, scalability, reliability, quality and predictability of your organization's central operations to support digital strategies.

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We are a company specialized in transformational experience design as well as implementation and performance by means of Salesforce solutions to enable natively revolutionary application development in cloud. This helps to achieve leads, acquire new customers, close deals faster, and have a smarter sales approach for services and marketing.

We work with specific methodologies and strategies, capable of designing and sizing the most adequate solution for our customers in order to create a unique CRM platform, with a 360º view of customers and stakeholders. This is then integrated to a current or new business type, with automated processes and tangible productivity gains.


Salesforce practice:

  • Salesforce implementation and use of Best Practices consulting;
  • Assessments with implementation diagnostics, setting and evolution suggestions;
  • Implementation and evolution of SalesCloud, MarketingCloud, ServiceCloud, Communities, Integration, Mulesoft applications;
  • Mobile applications with native resources;
  • Our customer organization support and evolution consulting, with suggestion consulting creating better native application usage.

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