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3 reasons to share your company's ESG activities


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22 de December de 2022

Find out why it is important for your company to disclose the ESG activities carried out and, thus, differentiate itself in the market.

The ESG concept has been applied to the business world for years. However, after the COVID-19 crisis, the pandemic put the 'S' in ESG, and the subject began a critical topic bespeaking by worldwide companies.

Any business seeking competitiveness and prominence in the market needs to be aware of this concept that increasingly guides organizations. According to a study by Bloomberg, companies aligned with ESG practices should attract 53 trillion dollars in investments by 2025.

After all, what is ESG, and why has this concept become so crucial for companies? And more: why is it so important that they share the actions they develop on this topic?

Stay with us and find out in this article!

After all, what is ESG?

ESG ("environmental, social and governance") is a set of practices that guide the implementation of environmental, social and governance actions in companies to generate positive impacts inside and outside of the company.

Thus, companies that are committed to ESG guidelines adopt a sustainable positioning, also intending to generate better results for the organization in the long term.

In this way, we can think of the acronym ESG as a way for companies to minimize their impacts on the environment, build a more egalitarian society in all aspects and maintain best practices within their organization.

From an economic point of view, ESG is seen as a guide for good practices since the eyes of the globalized world - and of investors - are focused on socio-environmental issues.

How vital is ESG to business?

Digital and sustainable transformation can be translated through innovative and technological solutions that result in a positive social impact. Thus, such technologies need to combine economic objectives with socio-environmental goals.

The long-term results of this union can be seen in the increase in the company's reputation since the acronym ESG ("environmental, social and governance") is in the sights of most consumers and investors.

And the benefits do not stop there. In addition to the evidence and the optimistic prominence that the brand gains in the market, cost reduction is also a consequence of companies that bet on sustainable technologies.

When thinking about large companies, we see the continuous efforts of brands to follow ESG practices precisely to attract investors and improve their market perception.

This movement, in turn, encourages medium and small companies that also want to be seen as sustainable companies to compete in this scenario of global entrepreneurship.

In general, implementing sustainable technologies is how companies are gaining space and prominence in this new context of digital transformation.

3 reasons to share your company's ESG actions:

Below are three reasons:

Attract investors

As we already covered at the beginning of the article, ESG is a global trend that is here to stay. In this way, investors are attentive and thoughtful concerning companies' practices.

Do you know the saying "who is not seen, is not remembered"? In addition to becoming a more sustainable business by carrying out the actions themselves, sharing them in your communication channels is a way to attract investors to your company.

Attract consumers

According to a survey conducted by Union+Webster, 87% of Brazilians prefer to purchase products from sustainable companies. Furthermore, the survey also shows that 70% say they don't mind paying a little extra for this feature.

Given this scenario, showing that your company acts in line with the precepts of ESG is essential to attract new customers who value this attribute.

Maintain competitiveness

ESG has become a key factor when it comes to market competitiveness. A survey by Fundação Tide Setubal, a Brazilian institution, shows that 74.2% of entrepreneurs believe ESG practices are essential for companies.

In this way, most companies have already realized the need to develop ESG actions. However, most companies need to figure out where to start and embrace this mindset to be ahead in the market.

Check out Qintess ESG shares!

More than a technology, innovation and digital solutions company, Qintess is a people-to-people company, and its work is focused on them.

Our main driving force is sustainability, which is why we have a solid strategy that permeates all business areas and decision-making.

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